Camelot Pewter products are proudly made in Richmond, Virginia, since 1983. We manufacture 100 percent lead-free pewter in a variety of items. Today we service customers across the United States, offering our handcrafted pieces in both bright and satin finishes.
While we are a relatively new company, “pewter” has been in existence since the Bronze Age (between 2000 and 500 BC). Early “pewter” was the sister alloy to bronze. The alloy bronze is primarily copper and a small amount of tin. Pewter alloy then was primarily tin with a small amount of copper added and was probably created by accident. We know pewter existed during this period, however, we have not found any pieces to test for content. The earliest pieces of “pewter” come from the 1200’s when it became available to the wealthy and churches instead of the wood, clay and leather vessels they were using. Unfortunately, during this period, there were many instances where the “pewter” contained whatever metals were readily available including lead. In 1348, pewterers in England called for a standardization of the “pewter” alloy and also formed the “The Worshipful Company of Pewterers”. By the 18th century “pewter” was called “Britannia metal” and production was widespread in both Europe and the United States.
In 1910 the United States government mandated that all “tabletop” items(under which we produce our goods) had to be lead free. Today we have to furnish independently certified tests from all suppliers showing the metallurgical content of their products. Our current alloy is 92% tin, 5% copper and 3% antimony.
We offer unconditional satisfaction if you find defects in materials or workmanship. We hope you will enjoy using your pewter in years to come.