What is a Monogram?
Our monogram engravings are the First/Last/Middle initials of a name.  

For example; a John Adams Smith, would have a monogram engraved as JSA.

Can you put pewter in the oven?
No, pewter has a very low melting point and will be destroyed in the oven.

How do I clean pewter?
Bright finish pewter can best be cleaned by hand washing the pieces with a dishwashing liquid.  Surface scratches on satin finished goods can be generally corrected by using "0000" steel wool.  Lightly rub the piece of steel wool with the grain of the satin finish.

How do I display my pewter?
Preferably flat, but if you wish to place a plate or tray on a stand, it will require a 90-degree rotation every month to keep the edges from bending.  Since pewter is very soft we do not recommend storing your pewter in the attic.

How do I remove a stain from pewter?
Unfortunately, if you had any foods with citric acid in them and you stored the piece overnight in the refrigerator, there has been a chemical change reaction.  While we can generally correct this with buffing, there is little you can do at home.  Normal usage will cause any stains.

Is pewter dishwasher safe?
It is not advisable to clean pewter in a dishwasher, as the chemicals in the detergent and water will damage the surface.

Is pewter safe to eat/drink from?
Yes, since 1910 tabletop pewter has not contained lead, making the pewter safe to eat and drink from.  However since pewter is a very effective conductor of heat, we recommend pewter for cold drinks only.

Will the pewter affect the taste of my drink?
Some people say it does, however, there is no chemical reason why it should change the taste of the beverage.

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